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Winter Training

The Winter Training Program will push you past what you thought your capabilities were with over 100 hours (Sr. Program) or 50 hours (Jr. Program) of position specific baseball instruction, from our Collegiate Coaching Staff!!!

The Winter Training Program is designed so any baseball player can transform themselves into the elite baseball player by establishing strong fundamentals through the performance of thousands of reps, and learning to perfect each baseball specific skill.

It will involve baseball skills dealing with the dynamics and fundamentals of fielding, hitting and base running, but also players will concentrate on learning to play the game of baseball itself as every player will dual it out in our live games over these six winter months along with other top notch instruction.

Every player to register in the Winter Training Program will come out of this program with more confidence, a sense of baseball knowledge and how to develop themselves, and most important of all… will be a very strong fundamentally sound baseball player who will be twice the player he was when he came into the program…and that’s a FACT!!

Base running

  • Proper primary and secondary leads and how to make them efficient
  • Pitch trajectory and what are the benefits of picking up the pitch before it hits the plate
  • Picking up motions of the pitcher and what to do in certain situations
  • Leads off second base according to what the situation is
  • Learning how to read a pitcher and helpful hints


  • Path and routes to take to the baseball on various ground balls
  • Having the hands and feet working as one unit
  • Arm path and arm actions
  • Situational components of the game
  • Technique and mechanics on groundballs


  • Routes and angles to baseball
  • Footwork
  • How to work your momentum in a positive manner
  • Catching techniques
  • Improving site of ball in hitting zone with vision drills


  • Vision analysis
  • Detailed hitting mechanics instruction
  • Learning how to get the barrel of the bat through the hitting zone longer
  • Breaking down of the upper half to the lower half
  • Mental approach
  • Hitting approach within certain counts

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