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Pitchers Bootcamp

If you’re a pitcher who has been looking to have total control and confidence when you step on the mound, then this Pitchers Bootcamp is for you!

Pitching philosophies will also be discussed as the player will learn how the body works during the delivery and how to provide efficient mechanics to help stimulate stamina and control while increasing velocity.


  • First 15 players to register will be accepted
  • One 1.5hr session per week
  • Pitching delivery and mechanics
  • Learning how the body works to develop control & velocity
  • Your role as a pitcher
  • How to develop power
  • How to maintain control of the baseball
  • Learn how to engage the entire body for mechanical efficiency
  • Arm care and keeping it fresh between starts

There will also be discussion and execution on defensive know how and the pitcher being the 6th fielder:

  • Covering 1st
  • Bunt plays and the role of the pitcher
  • Pick offs and how to slow the run game
  • Comebackers
  • Player Information

  • Date Format: YYYY slash MM slash DD