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Over the past three and a half years Eastern Baseball Academy have been helping players aged 9-16yrs discover their potential on the diamond while providing some of their High School and College aged players an opportunity to move onto the next level in their playing career. Whether that next level is moving out west to a High School Baseball academy program or a College program in Western Canada or South of the border.

EBA now in it’s 4th year of operation and by far there most successful year in regards to placing players into High School and College programs. This year alone EBA will have 10 players joining High School and/or College programs in the fall! Eight players from PEI and two players from New Brunswick all who have been training with EBA all winter, and some for the last two years. “During the past three and a half years we have been trying to make it known that there are many opportunities available for baseball players on PEI as well as Atlantic Canada, and I think we are starting to make others realize that as well,” states EBA Owner Jason Monaghan.

The players being recognized above from PEI are as follows:


Denver Morrison, Denver MacKenzie, Brady Arsenault, Nick MacPhail


JJ Oram, Charles MacLellan, Jed Noonan, Cole MacLaren, along with Mike McKay, and Dylon Brown both from NB.

“Our six month Senior Winter Training Program has turned into a hot spot for players wanting to get to that High School or College level and combine their education with baseball. Since our Sr Winter Program has turned into such a success we started a Jr. Winter Training Program this past winter where players aged 9-12yrs could develop a strong base of fundamentals while educating themselves on the concepts in the game of baseball.” “Going forward we expect both programs to become key training programs for players wanting to really boost their development as a baseball player and discover their potential on the diamond,” states Monaghan.

Once the 2013/14 school year rolls around there will be 16 baseball players from PEI playing with High School Academy and/or College programs. This little stat goes to show that there are many opportunities for baseball players wanting to get to the next level.