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Cole MacClaren, Jed Noonan, and Charles MacLellan were able to make great impressions in front of all 3 High School Academy programs that paid a visit to EBA during the month of February.

But when the 2013/14 school year rolls around you will be able to see these three players from Eastern Baseball Academy join the roster of the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Academy, along with fella Islander and current Dawgs player Spencer Horne.

Cole, Jed, and Charles have all displayed a great passion and work ethic towards the game of baseball while attending EBA’s six month Winter Training Program. These are three of many players who have put in many reps and hard work to improve their skills over the past 6 months and these work habits have shown themselves and to others how important they are when trying to reach higher goals.

“Over the past 3 years we’ve had many players put in the extra work to provide themselves with great opportunities in the future, and our Collegiate Coaches are here to guide them along the way and hopefully have them reach their goals when they leave EBA.” states EBA President Jason Monaghan.

“This year alone EBA has been able to place 8 players into High School Academy and/or College programs for the 2013/14 school year.” “Which is saying a lot I think for Baseball on PEI and the impact that coaches at the grassroots levels are having on our players”. says Monaghan.

EBA would like to wish MacClaren, Noonan, and MacLellan the best of luck throughout the summer with the CG’s team and a successful 2013/14 season with Okotoks Dawgs program. They have bright futures ahead of them, and we can’t wait to see them enjoy their success.