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EBA set to host High School Academy programs

EBA players in the 6 month Sr. Winter Training Program have been training for the last two and a half months in preparation for the arrival of three High School Baseball Academy programs, Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Academy, Vauxhall Baseball Academy, and Prospects Baseball Academy.

EBA will host these elite Academies over the next 4 weeks as they promote their baseball programs and recruit potential EBA players for the start of the 2013 school season. These opportunities are just one of many for players participating in EBA Winter Training Programs.

These High School Academies will start their fall baseball season in late August, then transition to a strength and conditioning routine from November – Mid January followed by a busy spring schedule when they attend 3-5 tournaments where scouts for College programs will be in attendance looking for players to fit their rosters.

Over the past 3 years EBA has been establishing itself as a quality baseball program across the Island. They will accept players into their 6 month Sr. Winter Training Program, develop them, and hopefully have players move onto High School Academy or College programs either in the US or in Canada. In saying that EBA has taken on the challenge of starting a 6 month Jr. Winter Training Program where they look to have those players develop a strong knowledge of basic fundamentals before moving into our Sr. Program.

President Jason Monaghan states, “we are always trying to provide as many opportunities as we can for Island baseball players and help them discover their real potential on the Diamond. If we can get players into College or High School programs then that’s a bonus.”