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Taylor Larkin has been with Eastern Baseball Academy over the last 2 years developing his skills in our Winter Training Program and the Pitchers Bootcamp.

All the hard work has finally paid off for Larkin as he is getting his chance to use everything he learned from EBA to move onto the next level which for him is collegiate baseball at Niagara Community College under Head Coach Matt Clingersmith. A step in his baseball career that will put him up against top competition, bringing out the best abilities in him to earn more innings on the mound as the NCC Collegiate season matures.

Larkin will be going down to NCC as a Pitcher and will be using his exceptional strong work ethic to earn his innings as NCC is a strong school for developing Pitchers which makes the future of Larkin developing into an elite Pitcher at the Collegiate level that much better.

During this summer Larkin has topped out at 81 mph and will look to bump that up even higher as he will able to now play everyday and get into a strict throwing routine handed down by Coach Clingersmith. This will provide Larkin with all the ingredients to make quick adjustments in his delivery and also develop a much stronger arm, as it will be exciting to see his success over the next year.

Larkin joined NCC Monday, August 13th right after competing at the 2012 Canada Cup just this week and EBA wishes him the best of luck during his collegiate career.