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5 Keys to Controlling the Running Game

1. Know the opposing team Knowing the opposition can help a pitcher understand as to when the best times are to put more focus on the base runner(s). First things first, which is learning each hitter and the opposing teams’ batting order. Typically the middle of the...

4 Tips to Increase Throwing Accuracy

As a Pitcher or a Fielder More players need to place a bigger focus on proper throwing mechanics! Throwing errors from the field lead to runners being put in scoring position and a potential of a run scored. Also Pitchers with poor throwing mechanics can lead to long...

How the Trunk Affects Arm Speed and Velocity

Pitching a baseball to a target CONSISTENTLY with accuracy and velocity can be very difficult for most while it takes a lot training and perfect practice to perform the motion correctly. The trunk of your body is the main key in order to produce arm speed which then...

Why back leg motion is crucial when pitching

There are many key factors in the Pitching Delivery but arguably the BACK LEG being the most important since this is the starting point of the delivery…every other body part moves off the back leg. The back leg plays a big factor in both control/accuracy and...

How to Maximize Pitching Velocity

What is it that maximizes pitching velocity? We know of course that velocity has nothing to do with arm strength or even full body strength. Remember when Tim Lincecum was throwing 100 mph in 2007 at 5’10” 170lbs and no weight lifting his entire life. That...

Two Fingers Behind the Ball

This simple technique can ruin ball control and velocity if not performed correctly and consistently How many pitchers do you see who, no matter what they do, cannot develop good control or command of their pitches, or their velocity is erratic.? Why is that? Many...