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How to Hit the Outside Pitch

First off…hitting a baseball isn’t easy to begin with and is has been stated many times it is the hardest thing to do in sports. Hit a ball squarely with a round bat and round ball, go figure! How to Hit the Outside Pitch I will start off by saying I’ve heard many...

Why Players Struggle to Hit the Outside Pitch

To make this easy we will layout the following reasons in point form… Strength – Most young players do not have the strength to drive the outside pitch to the gap or for a base hit. Plate awareness – Since the outside pitch is further away from your eyes it is much...

How the Trunk Affects Arm Speed and Velocity

Pitching a baseball to a target CONSISTENTLY with accuracy and velocity can be very difficult for most while it takes a lot training and perfect practice to perform the motion correctly. The trunk of your body is the main key in order to produce arm speed which then...

Why back leg motion is crucial when pitching

There are many key factors in the Pitching Delivery but arguably the BACK LEG being the most important since this is the starting point of the delivery…every other body part moves off the back leg. The back leg plays a big factor in both control/accuracy and...