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How to Hit the Outside Pitch

First off…hitting a baseball isn’t easy to begin with and is has been stated many times it is the hardest thing to do in sports. Hit a ball squarely with a round bat and round ball, go figure! How to Hit the Outside Pitch I will start off by saying I’ve heard many...

Why Players Struggle to Hit the Outside Pitch

To make this easy we will layout the following reasons in point form… Strength – Most young players do not have the strength to drive the outside pitch to the gap or for a base hit. Plate awareness – Since the outside pitch is further away from your eyes it is much...

How to Avoid Early Hip Rotation

Moving sideways is a key to high velocity throwing Have you ever heard the pitching expression that relates to more velocity – “throw late?” Throwing late means you get aspects of the delivery involved later such as the arm, the back hip and back...