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22 Myths of Recruiting

This entry comes to us from our friends at StudentAthleteWorld.com. If you are remotely thinking of seeking a college baseball scholarship, or a scholarship in any sport for that matter, you need to visit their website and they will take great care of you. It seems...

5 Keys to Controlling the Running Game

1. Know the opposing team Knowing the opposition can help a pitcher understand as to when the best times are to put more focus on the base runner(s). First things first, which is learning each hitter and the opposing teams’ batting order. Typically the middle of the...

4 Tips to Increase Throwing Accuracy

As a Pitcher or a Fielder More players need to place a bigger focus on proper throwing mechanics! Throwing errors from the field lead to runners being put in scoring position and a potential of a run scored. Also Pitchers with poor throwing mechanics can lead to long...

Stealing Third Base

Who are the targets and what are the tips? Stealing third base in many instances is actually an easier theft than attempting to steal second base. It may seem like stealing second base would be an easier task given the distance of the throw is longer for the catcher...

The Baseball Off-Season – What do we do now?

For some of you who’ve found yourself struggling at the beginning of every baseball season, you need to really sit back and reflect on what you could have done differently during the off-season to prepare yourself for the season past. Some players still won’t do a...