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Moving sideways is a key to high velocity throwing

Have you ever heard the pitching expression that relates to more velocity – “throw late?”

Throwing late means you get aspects of the delivery involved later such as the arm, the back hip and back foot.

If you want to throw with higher velocity the key is not to get to ball release fast but rather be explosive and to take more time developing more energy. Thus you spread out like a big rubber band.

One of the most important aspects that you want to occur later is keeping the back hip and the throwing shoulder back. This means there will be more energy to put into arm acceleration.

But what keeps the back hip and throwing shoulder back. It’s the late action of the back foot. The longer you keep your back foot flat on the ground the longer the hips will stay closed while storing toque to the hips and torso.

We would say that 95% of EBA players who enter our pitching camps are not doing this one thing which is how you move the body sideways using a lunge type movement which prevents early rotation, turning or collapsing of the back leg.

So pitching is not striding but rather lunging. When you lunge to the side you do not collapse the back leg or open up too early.