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Pitching a baseball to a target CONSISTENTLY with accuracy and velocity can be very difficult for most while it takes a lot training and perfect practice to perform the motion correctly.

The trunk of your body is the main key in order to produce arm speed which then produces velocity into the baseball. Everybody wants to throw harder but many pitchers focus on how their trunk moves down the mound.

In order to gain arm speed you have to gain momentum down the hill which starts by moving the trunk of your body down the mound as early as possible, usually indicated to a pitcher by focusing on his front hip. Your trunk has the largest body mass so moving it down the mound first and letting it carry your body down the mound will create the maximum momentum that you are looking for.

When strong trunk movement is performed towards home plate with strong energy and momentum, followed by a closed “front side” then you create maximum arm speed or arm whip. The faster you can get your arm to come through your arm slot the more velocity you will see!

We leave you with this; focus on the front hip moving first to create maximum momentum, and then make sure the player has a closed front side or front shoulder thus resulting in above average arm speed producing velocity.