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One of your goals as a hitter is to drive the baseball on a line with backspin so the baseball will carry and have longer flight time.

To do this consistently many things have to happen, but in this article we will discuss how the hips and torso affect the hand path of the swing so a hitter can produce backspin on the baseball and get extension through the baseball to make this happen.

When teaching hand path to a hitter one of your first teaches should be the hitter’s posture throughout his hips and torso. We see many hitters come through the academy that have a stance where their butt or hips stick out away from the body forcing them to have a forward lean into home plate. When this happens it hinders the hitter’s hand path as they now cannot move their hands efficiently from back to front and through the baseball because of poor posture. This bad posture can also cause a hitter to drag the bat through the hitting zone with his torso instead of whipping the bat through with his hands.


To create a strong whipping hand path through the baseball a hitter MUST have good posture in his stance and throughout his load. They execute this by pushing their hips in towards home plate along with good posture through the spine. When the hips are pushed through towards home plate and good posture is found then it will allow a hitter to work his hand path straight back during load and then straight forward during swing and rotation. This straight forward action will allow the hands to get extension through the baseball which then creates backspin on the baseball which results in maximum ball flight!


  1. Hitters need good posture through spine
  2. Hips must be pushed through towards home plate (not sticking out)
  3. Feel less weight on their toes and more flat footed