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As a Pitcher or a Fielder

More players need to place a bigger focus on proper throwing mechanics! Throwing errors from the field lead to runners being put in scoring position and a potential of a run scored. Also Pitchers with poor throwing mechanics can lead to long innings with many walks taking place, which in turn makes your defense lazy causing more errors!

Think of your “glove side” or “front side”. What does it do when you throw a ball? What about your head. What does it do when you throw a ball?


Your glove side plays a MAJOR ROLE and is one of the most important motions in throwing a baseball accurately and throwing strikes. Your glove side has to stay closed towards your target as long as possible as the rest of your body turns into the glove side.


Your head also plays a major role in throwing the baseball more accurately and throwing more strikes! YES YOUR HEAD…Keep reading.

Your head is a key factor in throwing accuracy because it is attached to the rest of your body and is one of the first body parts to rotate as you get ready to release the ball. Your head also has to stay on your target as long as possible and also has to stay over your belly button or belt during the throwing motion. As soon as your head starts to fly open or lean backwards then the rest of your body will follow and you become unbalanced.

TRY THIS: Tell your players to look at the target or their partner when they finish their throw. This may help them stay on target!


If you keep the throwing the ball high then trying throwing the ball low and see what happens. Even if it is not in the strike zone, don’t worry about because you have just made an adjustment to now throw the ball low. As a player or coach you need recognize if you or your player is performing the same throwing mistake every time and if they are trying to fix it or if they keep repeating the same mistake.

Too often I see players throw 5 balls outside the strike zone or their target and not attempt to fix the problem, but rather keep throwing the same way. WHY?

There needs to be more focus on proper throwing mechanics at practices and during pre-game routines!


Once a player finds a throwing motion for them that lets them throw accurately and efficiently without causing stress on the arm then keep throwing like that and try to repeat that motion as many times as possible. Thus resulting in more strikes or good throws to your target!

Other Tips

  • NEVER slow down to throw
  • You should keep the same throwing mechanics whether you’re throwing 50ft or 200ft
  • Some players’ glove side will fly open when the throwing distance increases!

Practice Proper Throwing More Often!