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Proven success with data driven results

Elite Baseball Performance Training

No Pain, No Gain

Elite training year round

Eastern Baseball Academy (EBA) is the FIRST and ONLY baseball academy in Atlantic Canada that offers elite year round training for 6-17 year olds.

Training received at EBA through our Collegiate-based training methods will provide your child consistent success on the ball field while they stand out from others and discover their potential as a baseball player. The only time players get to practice or play is with their club teams throughout a shortened baseball season and because of this reason players’ continually are not maximizing their baseball ability.

Our proven player development system combined with EBA’s elite training is closing the gap on player development in Atlantic Canada to match other areas across North America. Training with EBA provides a player the ability to compete within their age group on a National level, while maintaining consistent skill execution on the field.

Batting Cages

The Turf


why choose eba?


DATA DRIVEN approach to player development


CUSTOM programming offered in 95% of our year round programming


Constant VIDEO ANALYSIS throughout all of our camps


All COLLEGIATE coaching staff


Coaching PHILOSOPHIES that are on par with the rest of North America


FUN but yet COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE where players play up to their potential

what people are saying about eastern baseball academy


EBA provides a first class program with level of coaching who understands what it takes to get to the next level. My son participated in a winter program and was provided daily feedback while receiving lots of repetitions to make adjustments to his game while having fun doing so. They also had a great player to coach ratio!

Anyone looking to bring their child’s game to another level will do with EBA.”

Jacinta MacLeod
- Mother of Jack Sherren

Our son Tyler started EBA 7 years ago. Since starting EBA, Tyler has made the progression form an A ball player to a AAA player, to playing on 4 Provincial teams, representing PEI at National Tournaments. Either through private lessons or winter camps, EBA has been able to provide Tyler with the skills that he needs to become the best player that he can be.


Scott Taylor
- Father of Tyler Taylor

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